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High performing Marketing partnerships are driven by quality feedback. But traditional relationship review formats happen too late to help suppliers course-correct, and don’t deliver specific, results-focused outputs.

That’s where ALIGNR comes in. ALIGNR is a flexible and cost-effective survey and measurement tool, developed specifically to help develop best-in-class Marketing relationships. It takes as little as two minutes to complete, and delivers just-in-time, frequent, actionable feedback. 







The compelling results output aligns client and partner viewpoints, and enables leaders to drive more agile, efficient and effective relationships.

We’re currently in pre-launch beta mode, and a full launch is coming soon.


Why is ALIGNR crucial?

“The best feedback processes are designed to offer the right information when the recipient can actually act on it.“

      McKinsey & Company, 2015.

“A disciplined process of ongoing feedback with key stakeholders… helps clients build a network of positive relationships and achieve their goals.”

      Dr Marshall Goldsmith, 2016.

“Authentic feedback… serves to sustain behavioural change.“

      Bain & Company, 2016.

The Alignrs

Jarad O’Hara,

Chief Executive Officer

Jarad kick-started ALIGNR following a successful career running advertising agencies. With extensive partnership experience alongside Air NZ, Vodafone, Spark, Mazda, BMW, MINI and L’Oreal, Jarad deeply understands what it takes to build the best relationships.

Nick Profile.jpg

Nick Niblett,

Chief Operations Officer

With a perfect blend of high-level client management, digital production and research experience, Nick leads ALIGNR’s platform development and methodology. Nick’s passion is to deliver human-centered digital solutions, insightfully tailored to client needs.